Jessica Branning grew up in a small town near Gettysburg, PA. Her entire life has been devoted to giving back and caring for others. When she wasn’t in the classroom studying, she was fundraising for the Four Diamonds Foundation, volunteering for Children’s Miracle Network or encouraging her peers to Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease.

Jessica’s vision for improving communities through philanthropic efforts and interest in medicine led her towards a career in clinical research. As many in the industry understand, a career in clinical research is not something you actively seek out, but rather a career path that is chosen for you unbeknownst. The clinical research industry provided Jessica with a platform to channel her vision for improving the healthcare needs for others today and tomorrow. Jessica believes clinical trials are the core for living a healthier and longer life free of diseases. As ClinCloud’s co-founder, Jessica plans to educate, promote and improve the inefficiencies of clinical trials to bring new medications, technological advances and medical discoveries to her community and those alike.

Jessica graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a focus in global health. She began her research career nearly 5 years ago at BioClinica Research, where she excelled as a leader in patient education, community development and site management.

Whether you are a community partner, patient or sponsor you will feel a part of the ClinCloud team and their vision to improve the lives of all through clinical trials. Together we will succeed and together we will find the cures.