Erica Mayer is a clinical research coordinator at ClinCloud. From an early age, Erica has been fascinated by people, which led to studies in history and politics. Through these subjects, she learned that humanity has a seemingly infinite potential for innovation and progress, and that enough careful study and hard work can solve almost any problem.

Due to this admiration of human ingenuity, Erica planned for many years to become a history professor and share her passion with others. However, the longer she spent in academia the more she realized that she wanted to do less dweling on the past and more working to actively improve the future. Erica knew of several people who had participated in clinical research, both as researchers and as patients. These people's stories about the advances that were happening every day made Erica excited to see if she could use her skill set to help out, too.

Clinical research has been a great way for Erica to contribute to curing diseases and ailments that have confounded us for many years. She uses her past teaching experience to explain the research process to patients and family members who are interested in getting involved.

One of Erica's favorite parts of working in clinical research is getting to know people and hear their stories and experiences. Erica is very happy she found her way into the research community and hopes you'll join us, too. If we all do our part to help out, some of today's most common illnesses may become relics of the past!